Claire has performed in venues such as The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and The Civic Theatre in New Orleans, LA as well as The Black Sheep Inn, The National Arts Center 4th Stage and the Hau Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, Germany.

She has consistently deepened her practice by searching out, and at times studying with musical heroes like Roy Future Man Wooten and most recently completing a period of study under Rory Block in the United States this past September.

Although a highly diverse musician, her roots and passion lie with the guitar as a solo instrument of percussive rhythmic patterns developing it as a vehicle of innovative emotive expression.

Both her studies and professional practice contribute to the development and growth of the music art form by learning from musicians who have come long before. Claire’s drive to study under the internationally acclaimed guitarist Rory Block for example, a woman who studied directly under Son House at 16 years of age and has a direct connection to an unscored and disappearing historical guitar form is derived from wanting to revive and preserve it to incorporate and innovate on those ideas into her practice now, both as a composer for video and theatre and as a contemporary songwriter who records and performs live both as a solo musician and in groups.

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